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.NET Framework, ActionScript, Administrative Support, ... ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Classic, VB.NET Developer   I write in VB.NET since 2002 year. If you really search a programmer, please contact to me (contact below is real).   More »

Adobe Illustrator, API Development, CakePHP, ... PHP/LAMP Developer   -- LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) --Expert in both PHP 4.x And PHP 5.x -- Expert in writing optimized SQL Queries -...   More »

AJAX, J2EE, Java, ... Java, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery Developer   J2SE (Swing JDBC NetBeans), PHP, MySQL, postgresql, MSSQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, VB, VBA. Experience software devel...   More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum faucibus sit scelerisque quis facilisis massa, augue sit nunc vehicula nisl metus Lorem More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum mattis, id euismod, sit nisi tempus odio diam. suscipit id posuere non dapibus Phasellus More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum arcu sem egestas vitae, euismod at Praesent fermentum massa, posuere eu quam, tempus id More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum lectus, at turpis odio quam pulvinar porta diam. at et consectetur non tempor leo imperd More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum condimentum. arcu et. Donec feugiat diam. a iaculis eu sit non dui Maecenas consectetur More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum quis amet nisl massa ac metus posuere arcu. Nunc arcu metus. nunc et, id facilisis. Nunc More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum vestibulum elit. felis. sed ex Etiam massa posuere amet tortor at arcu eros arcu nunc. u More »

Microsoft Outlook, Autodesk Autocad Civil3D, Product Development   Lorem Ipsum neque. finibus, id quis in libero nec Donec non neque ullamcorper metus vel eros, faucib More »

Last Projects

Frontend expert to develop 8 page landing website (HTML5 and JS) Hello, I have designed some PSDs for a landing website for a mobile app. The website in general is nothing too complex, the main things it should have are: 1 - Responsive - I have designs for how th... More »

Hubspot Developer/Designer Needed! Dear applicants, I am looking for a STRONG and EXPERIENCED Hubspot developer and/or designer for a high end marketing agency! Our target market is private colleges & Universities in the US, and... More »

Web page with iFrame host using Angular Develop a web simple page with an embedded iframe. The iframe must display customer data from a separate app located in a different region. Mock database, making the web page responsive based on the i... More »

Looking for a Vue.js front-end crafter We are a group of 10 professionals, spread on 3 continent, from SE Asia to Europe. For the last 3 years we passionately developed and commercialized Data as a Service solutions that help businesses an... More »

Build and design a custom Wordpress site using Elementor. Fully responsive Wordpress site. Experience with Elementor, and Astra Themes is a must. Understands UI UX. Knows how to optimize webpages for speed. I own the Premium Plugins so I will provide. Please... More »

CakePHP Back-end Update My backend is built on an old version of CakePHP which is not compatible with new versions of .php. I'd like the current CakePHP backend to be updated and compatible with all versions of php. and ne... More »

Have you developed a B2B SaaS tool? Hi, I'm looking for a passionate developer who has developed a B2B SaaS tool that you can use or modify for your own purpose. If you happen to have one and want to profit from it, let's connect! More »

Xero - customising invoice templates Someone to help customise invoice templates on Xero More »

.NET/C# & Angular Developer If you have experience in .net/c# and Angular, this is the perfect role for you. Please answer these questions when you apply. 1) How comfortable are you with .NET? 2) What experience do you have wit... More »

Angular 7 Developer Needed for Agency Hello, We are looking to hire a new Angular developer for a contract we have just landed. It's going to be around 2-4 weeks full time. The objective is to build out a UI that stores data locally wh... More »

Last Happy End

Lorem Ipsum ipsum nisi vel ornare. consectetur tellus felis. Aenean dignissim. erat pharetra, nunc arcu eu efficitur, sed, lacinia. auctor Nulla viverra faucibus eleifend dapibus ex lectus Donec nisl More »

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