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.NET Framework, ActionScript, Administrative Support, ... ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Classic, VB.NET Developer   I write in VB.NET since 2002 year. If you really search a programmer, please contact to me (contact below is real).   More »

Adobe Illustrator, API Development, CakePHP, ... PHP/LAMP Developer   -- LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) --Expert in both PHP 4.x And PHP 5.x -- Expert in writing optimized SQL Queries -...   More »

AJAX, J2EE, Java, ... Java, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery Developer   J2SE (Swing JDBC NetBeans), PHP, MySQL, postgresql, MSSQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, VB, VBA. Experience software devel...   More »

Graphics Programming, Microsoft Office, Systems Development   Lorem Ipsum dapibus metus a fringilla, Nulla Vestibulum quis eu vel, ligula, Donec at blandit consec More »

Graphics Programming, Microsoft Office, Systems Development   Lorem Ipsum non Nulla Donec non mattis convallis. posuere Integer et. fermentum dolor quam, purus cu More »

Graphics Programming, Microsoft Office, Systems Development   Lorem Ipsum Integer posuere eros. risus, id ex. Mauris cursus vestibulum nulla eu arcu arcu Vestibul More »

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Graphics Programming, Microsoft Office, Systems Development   Lorem Ipsum tempor Integer sit odio fermentum a libero imperdiet at sed. porttitor eget lectus, Viva More »

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Last Projects

Shopify Platform - Educational video course website We're looking to build a very small video education subscription website. Site must allow registration, enter credit card, monthly/yearly credit card processing, promo codes. User can login and contin... More »

the programmer of desktop applications: Working experience with cross-platform desktop applications in ElectronJS, Working experience with Amazon services (preferably S3), experience with APIs. You need to be able to problem-solve, work ... More »

Crystal Reports Create and modify Crystal Reports from SQL database. More »

Scrape names from truecallers API I have a database of 10k numbers which need names next to them. More »

Create a DIGITAL HUMAN face using MAYA to be used as STREAMING with Speech and LipSync using MAYA. Create a DIGITAL HUMAN (male or female) which can be used on WEB to stream on web with TTS (text to speech) and LipSync. Please check below samples: More »

Web Scraping The complete requirement is given in the attached document. A listing website will need to be scraped. See "Additional project files" for the attachment, which was updated 22 May 2019. ... More »

Full stack web developer for cleaning company. About us: {​Description of your company and target audience}​ What we're looking for: An experienced full stack developer to help kick-start/build on {​description of website or platform}​. We need s... More »

REST API Im looking for someone who is a master in REST API....API I have to make a connection between my apps and the website with the rest API. Its for a cloud platform app, will be great if someone have ... More »

Update Web Site Based on Joomla The site is based on Joomla. Here is what needs to be done: 1. Update the site to PHP version 7.2 2. Update extensions - this is the list of extensions that I was told need to be updated - JaggyBl... More »

Create a parcel delivery status lookup in Google sheets Hi. I need a google sheet to return a shipping status in a cell. Example - an importhtml / import xml function on the following URL to return a status of "no information" / "in transit... More »

Last Happy End

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