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.NET Framework, ActionScript, Administrative Support, ... ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Classic, VB.NET Developer   I write in VB.NET since 2002 year. If you really search a programmer, please contact to me (contact below is real).   More »

Adobe Illustrator, API Development, CakePHP, ... PHP/LAMP Developer   -- LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) --Expert in both PHP 4.x And PHP 5.x -- Expert in writing optimized SQL Queries -...   More »

AJAX, J2EE, Java, ... Java, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery Developer   J2SE (Swing JDBC NetBeans), PHP, MySQL, postgresql, MSSQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, VB, VBA. Experience software devel...   More »

GPS Development, Hospitality, Desktop Applications   Lorem Ipsum vel. tortor commodo non nulla interdum. ex dui. metus amet euismod, egestas tellus sem e More »

GPS Development, Hospitality, Desktop Applications   Lorem Ipsum efficitur ipsum pulvinar facilisis pharetra eros. fermentum eu egestas Quisque Vivamus v More »

Device Driver Development, 3D Games, Wordpress Plugin   Lorem Ipsum fermentum dapibus lorem. diam. amet vehicula egestas lobortis non turpis iaculis, varius More »

Device Driver Development, 3D Games, Wordpress Plugin   Lorem Ipsum Etiam varius egestas nunc, suscipit. convallis. nisl. non Praesent sit faucibus posuere More »

Device Driver Development, 3D Games, Wordpress Plugin   Lorem Ipsum Donec tempus Donec Vestibulum vestibulum faucibus sed dolor. dapibus tellus Curabitur Ve More »

Device Driver Development, 3D Games, Wordpress Plugin   Lorem Ipsum facilisi. eu Vestibulum risus ac massa. dignissim. quam ante sed ornare. Lorem ullamcorp More »

Device Driver Development, 3D Games, Wordpress Plugin   Lorem Ipsum turpis cursus ante, consectetur eros venenatis Etiam leo libero. volutpat risus risus nu More »

Device Driver Development, 3D Games, Wordpress Plugin   Lorem Ipsum venenatis, consequat gravida ex sodales at eu vitae at orci et pharetra a eros vestibulu More »

Last Projects

Web developer needed We are looking for a web developer to create a website similar to this one with a few changes: Thank you in advance More »

Ongoing development for: Ruby on Rails + React.js CMS SaaS product In many ways a classic RoR CRUD business application: a communications platform for PR and marketing opportunities. Mostly prefer classic Rails ERB CRUD views & controllers, except where necessa... More »

URGENT: Looking for someone who is experienced Full Stack Django We're in urgent need for a full time developer who has 5-6 years experience as a software engineer in full stack development Django for our project. It includes 40 hours a week. Our candidates should ... More »

Create dex file obfuscator-randomizer for Android APK files I need only experinced Developers, who was already solved similar tasks. Create dex file obfuscator-randomizer for Android APK files. The goal for the project is to create console application that wil... More »

Need to write firmware for a Bluetooth ISP 1507-AX-RS chip nRF52832. We are looking for someone who can write a simple looping firmware for a Bluetooth module ISP 1507-AX-RS chip nRF52832. The firmware needs simple on off functions and also needs to take the input from... More »

Website Overhaul on Wix... Along with SEOs... I am looking for a wed developer/website designer to re-do my company website. My websit is on a Wix platform, that I would like to keep since I pay for it. My SEOs will also need to be redone. I c... More »

SEO aware html developer needed to improve function of existing website Need an html expert to improve functionality while maintaining SEO ratings on an existing website. Website uses server-side includes but multiple page documents create the need for multiple top or bot... More »

Web Developer MERGE ( is a virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) company that pushes the boundaries of imagination and technology. Our products are transforming the way kids play, learn and create. ... More »

Python Web scraper needed Know how to parse complicated HTML pages Traverse multiple pages and sites Get a general overview of APIs and how they work Well versed with several methods for storing the data you scrape Download, r... More »

Developer needed for creating a responsive Website. Looking for the one who is responsible enough to build a website for the company, in a short period of time. In search of the freelancer to work at a nominal price. More »

Last Happy End

Lorem Ipsum et consectetur Maecenas aliquet. id arcu. pharetra dolor. nibh dui, risus, quis fermentum dapibus cubilia diam. Maecenas at Nulla vel vel at adipiscing odio quam egestas gravida ac felis. More »

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Lorem Ipsum commodo et suscipit. quis a consequat vulputate ac, quis et Vivamus sit leo eget, diam. leo eu lacinia arcu massa. efficitur amet ullamcorper pellentesque id metus sodales fermentum faucib More »

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